Art and culture in the Top of Denmark

Experience art and culture in the Top of Denmark with visits to museums, castles and manor houses or with artists and craftsmen. Art enriches your holiday experience. It moves you and gives you something extra to bring home. Art can be beautiful or provocative, but rarely indifferent. In the Land of Light you will meet both classical and modern art. Visit galleries and workshops and meet the artists. Have a talk about their inspiration and their art. 

The Top of Denmark has a long tradition of attracting painters, sculptors and a multitude of other artists working with many different types of materials such as amber, stone, glass, pottery and paintings. You will also find many galleries in the region and art museums with famous art exhibitions. During the year different interesting art events are also held, e.g. the yearly Arts and Crafts Week with unique and different art events.

Meet the artists - Denmark

Arts and crafts - up close

Meet one of the many crafsmen in the Top of Denmark when visiting the small workshops or galleries. A unique experience.

Galleri Friis

Visit a gallery in the Top of Denmark

In many different cities in the Top of Denmark you can visit interesting galleries with art in a huge variety of art forms. Visit the galleries and find your favorite piece of art.

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Art museums - worth visiting

Visit the many interesting art museums in the Top of Denmark. Participate in guided tours and get an extra experience.

Join - when the locals show and tell

What is the idea of storytelling and what do you experience at the events?


Here you will find inspiration to experiences in the Top of Denmark 

Sæbygaard Slot

See a castle in the Top of Denmark

Magnificent experiences in great and beautiful surroundings - that is a visit to a castle in the Top of Denmark.

Børglum Kloster

Visit a manor house

You wil find many beautiful manor houses in the Top of Denmark; e.g. the manor houses Odden near Mygdal, and Bangsbo and Knivholt near Frederikshavn.

Vendsyssel Historiske Museum - historical museum in Hjørring

Museums - A travel back in time

Visit one of the historical museums in the Top of Denmark and travel in time. Participate in guided tours - or go hunting for traces from the past yourself.

Play Video

Hear about Stygge Krumpen

Sæby Kirke

Churches and abbeys

Abbeys and churches were some of the biggest and most impressive buildings of the Middle Ages. Visit e.g. Børglum Kloster near Løkken.

The Ancient Road Hærvejen - a travel through Jutland

The Ancient Road Hærvejen in Jutland

Go hiking or biking on Hærvejen from the south of Jutland to Frederikshavn and Hirtshals.