Welcome to Skagen

In Skagen, you'll find things to do all year round

The beaches are beautiful with whiter than white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. City life blooms in the summer, but fun events take place in all seasons. Visit the inspiring museums and dwell at the world famous paintings by artists such as Michael and Anna Ancher and P.S. Krøyer.

The nature in and around the city is truly unique and "The meeting of the seas" where Denmark ends, "Grenen", is a must when you are here.


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Summer in Skagen

Summer in Skagen

Experience the amazing atmosphere and enjoy a cold beverage while the sun shows Skagen from its best side.

Skagen Grey Lighthouse

Skagen Grey Lighthouse

Visit the new international bird adventurecenter: Skagen Grey Lighthouse - Centre for migratory birds. In the new center, you can take a virtual tour to discover and experience the many exciting migratory birds that each year guests Skagen and surround areas.

Hotels in Skagen

Hotels and other accommodation in Skagen

In the Skagen area you are spoilt for choice - hotels, hostels, inns, Bed & Breakfast and self catering holiday rentals.

Sankt Hans i Skagen

Events in Skagen

There’s always a reason to visit Skagen. Well, actually a particular reason isn’t strictly necessary, but every week all year round there are exciting events going on.

Kystmuseet i Skagen


The main attraction in Skagen is free, as the truly unique landscape lies right before your feet. These surroundings coupled with the amazing light, and a feeling of the skies being miles and miles up above, is what inspired some of the world famous Skagenpainters to do some of their best work.  

Shopping in Skagen

Shopping in Skagen

Beautiful clothing, sparkling jewellery or maybe a souvenir to remind you of a wonderful trip - shopping in Skagen is definitely worth it.