The area - the Top of Denmark

At the Top of Denmark you’ll be met by hospitable locals, attractive landscapes and fantastic white sandy beaches. You’ll find exciting activities to occupy the whole family, in addition to which you’ll be able to delight in the art, gastronomy and wellness on offer in the region.

For generations, the northern tip of Denmark has been a popular holiday destination, with its distinctive scenery, broad sandy beaches and proximity to the sea, which can be seen, heard and tasted as the salt is carried inland by the wind. The reflections of the sunlight on the sea have also given rise to the region’s sobriquet, the Land of Light.

Skagen og Grenen a summerday

Skagen & Aalbæk

The city with the most hours of sunshine and a fantastic light . The city with the most unique scenery and the many white sand beaches. The town in the far north where the 2 seas and earth meet.

Shopping in Frederikshavn


Cultural events, urban life and a fantastic shopping milieu characterize the enterprising harbour town with proud maritime traditions.

Algade - Sæby


Child-friendly beaches, good hotels and campsites, in addition to a charming urban and harbour environment make Sæby a unique experience.

Hirtshals Fyr

Hirtshals & Tversted

Great beaches, windsurfers, fishing vessels at the quay, screeching gulls, breathtaking sunsets, art and jazz are some of the things that characterizes Hirtshals and Tversted.

Welcome to Løkken


The resort town on the North Sea Coast has a range of fun adventures for the whole family, as well as pleasant cafés and a great atmosphere.

Welcome to Lønstrup


The small fishing village has retained its genuine charm and identity. Surrounded by magnificent scenery, is the picturesque town in a valley behind the high dunes.


A trip to the town of Hjørring should be part of your holiday, whilst the Sindal region´s lush countryside makes the perfect setting for a picnic and outdoor adventures.