Chalets in the Top of Denmark

Enjoy the freedom and exploit the possibilities offered by a campsite in the Top of Denmark. Here you don't have to bring your own caravan. Rent a chalets or a caravan and enjoy a holiday at a campsite anyway.

Stay in a rented chalet or caravan at the campsites

At a large number of campsites in the Top of Denmark it's possible to rent a fully-equipped caravan or chalet. By taking advantage of this option, you're able to enjoy both the charm and social life offered by camping as well as the campsite's many facilities and activities without having to bring lots of specialist equipment with you.

The caravans and chalets available for rent vary in terms of standard, appearance and content from campsite to campsite, but standard equipment usually includes electricity, water, refrigerator, cooker hobs and cooking utensils, coffee-maker and tableware, duvets and pillows and perhaps also garden furniture. At some campsites bed linen can also be hired, whilst at others it must be brought with you. Some chalets have a bathroom and toilet, whilst others do not have these facilities in the chalet itself. Under each campsite you can read more about equipment and the standard of the caravans and chalets for rent.

Auto camper - QuickStop overnight stay

A number of campsites in the Land of Light are members of the so-called QuickStop scheme, which means that auto campers that arrive after 8 p.m. and depart again before 10 a.m. the next morning can stay overnight relatively cheaply. The QuickStop schemes make it attractive to remain out and about during the day and drive to an organised campsite in the evening. The actual price for a QuickStop overnight stay can be seen on the website of the campsite concerned.

Book in advance

During the high season from mid-June until mid-August, chalets and caravans can primarily only be rented on a weekly basis – from Saturday to Saturday. Chalets and caravans for rent are very popular in the high season and aren't available in great numbers at a particular campsite, and it's therefore necessary to book them in good time. Outside the high season it's usually possible to rent the chalets for a few days at a time.

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