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Farmhouse holiday

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Farmhouse holiday in the Top of Denmark

Farmhouse holiday - go to the country

Spend your holiday at a farmhouse and have a fun holiday for adults and children. A good opportunity for your family to have an active, but also relaxing holiday. And at the same time get some insights in life in the country.

Even if you live in the city and don't have any chance to keep a pet, there are plenty of opportunities for adults and children alike to get close to the animals. In the Top of Denmark there are a large number of farms that throw open their doors to visitors. At the majority of farms, children have the opportunity to take part when the cows are to be milked, the pigs fed, the horses groomed or when mucking out the stables.

The spring and beginning of the summer are characterised by the birth of young animals that are absolutely irresistible. Later in the year, these young animals are ready to play. Watching the small kittens playing can provide hours of entertainment for young children. The animals on the farm are used to humans, so everyone - including very young children - can enjoy their stay to the full.

Many of the farms also offer a range of different activities such as horse-riding, bonfire evenings where you can make twistbread and talk while sitting around the fire, or barbecue evenings.

It's a good idea to plan and book your farmhouse holiday well in advance, since it's a popular way to spend a holiday.

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