Inns in the top of denmark

Inns in the Top of Denmark

Staying at an inn

Today's inns in the Top of Denmark are modern accommodation venues. Although not all inns are able to offer a bed for the night, the inns that do will provide all the modern creature comforts that as a guest you might need: Shower and toilet, TV, telephone or Internet access are just some of the facilities that the rooms are equipped with. Weekend breaks and mini holidays outside the high season are among the special offers available.

Classic bar food and gourmet dishes

Many of the inns have retained their particular historical character and relaxed atmosphere, e.g. with a wine bar and tap room, in which food is served based on the region's traditional, classic dishes. These can include an omelet, bacon in parsley sauce, hash, a fish platter or an open face sandwich. Some inns have Danish cuisine with classics such as Wiener schnitzel and the Danish version of the hamburger taking pride of place. Other inns have exclusive gourmet food on the menu and serve dishes which are both Danish and internationally inspired - but always based on fresh local ingredients.

The inn is part of everyday and cultural life in both urban and rural areas where the local population's confirmations, birthdays and other major milestones are celebrated. However, the inn is also a place where you can drop in and spend a couple of pleasant hours wiling away the afternoon over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or biscuits.

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Delicious culinary experiences

Some inns put great pride in serving gastronomy in high quality. During your stay at an inn, you will therefore often enjoy delicious culinary dinners.

Gastronomy in the Top of Denmark

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